Our operation is relatively small and on a personal basis. I feel quality, not quantity is very important in my business. Hunts are conducted along the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains to the sagebrush filled prairies. Hunting is done mostly on private land, where I have secured the hunting rights. I do pre-season scouting and hunt one professional guide for every two hunters. Hunting is conducted in four wheel drive pick-up trucks, while glassing and stalking. You will enjoy well-prepared home cooked meals. The kitchen serves a hot breakfast and supper in the dining room, and a packed lunch in the field. When you get back to the lodge each night, you will be greeted by a warm fire and hunting stories from the day.


Big Horn Mountain Outfitters was established in 1980.

Big Horn Mountain Outfitters makes no guarantees, other than to do our best to provide you with a memorable hunt. We take great pride in each animal we harvest. Hunting is not whether you make a kill, but that you enjoy yourself, experience the splendors of Wyoming, and match wits with the animals being hunted. A sincere desire to hunt is needed to obtain a real trophy. Hunting success increases greatly when the hunter is physically fit and familiar with his or her bow or rifle. Some extensive exercise and lots of practice on the shooting range will go far in helping you enjoy your big game hunt.